Everyday Home Computing - Computers for Beginners

Buying Guide
Computer choices explained
Unique Buying Form included
Choosing Broadband
Computer Extras
Where to buy

Setting Up
Laptop tour & setup
Desktop/Tower tour & setup
Windows setup
Learn the mouse & keyboard
Speakers & Printer

Email & Internet
Internet surfing made simple
Use Google to easily find websites
Internet Shopping
Online Banking
Setting up email
Sending emails and using contacts

Microsoft Office
Real time lessons captured
Learn Microsoft Excel
Learn Microsoft Word
Create a budget sheet
Use templates

Digital Photography
Watch card reader setup
Transfer using camera cable
Tag and catagorize photos
Enhance using simple adjusts
Extract portions of a photo
Rotate & Print
Safe Computing
Avoid Viruses and scams
3 crucial aspects for staying safe
Backup & Restore your data


£16.50 (free p&p)
2 DVDs - watch on your TV or computer
6 hours

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