In Brief
We could write a 3000 word essay here, but why bother ? A box that allows you to use the Internet, create letters, send emails, print labels, listen to music, do your online banking and much more. It`s the heart of everything, your keyboard and mouse plug into it, your screen display is controlled by it and your printer will print what it`s told to, all by the computer.

Home computers as we know them, became very mainstream in the early eighties with Commodore, Sinclair, BBC and Dragon computers appearing in households up and down the country. With the appearance of Microsoft`s Windows, PCs in the home and business took off with the release of Windows 95 in August 1995, although a standard computer in today`s climate would cost you £2500. Since then, computers have dropped in price, but performance has increased many times over.

A computer is a term that can be a Desktop, Laptop or Tower.

How much does it cost ?
Anywhere from £160 to £2600 for the very highest performing machine. See our article on Which one Do I choose for guidance.

Final Word
There has never been a better time to buy and own a computer, there really is something for everyone, when combined with a good broadband connection, some knowledge and some friends to email!! If you have held off, go buy one, you can recoup the money spent by using the many online shopping options. I witnessed stubborn people who finally succumb, who are amazed at what is on offer, it makes financial sense, but, you must make sure you spend your money astutely.

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